Lotte Hellinga

Vroege Drukken Librije Zutphen

De Kettingbibliotheek van de Walburgiskerk

Vroege Drukken Librije Zutphen
  • 978-3-7762-0610-4
  • 9783776206104
  • Lotte Hellinga
  • De Kettingbibliotheek van de Walburgiskerk
  • 128
  • 2010
  • Gebunden
  • 24,5 x 17,5 cm
  • 24,50
  • Hauswedell Verlag
  • Zutphen; St. Walburgiskirche; Walburgiskerk; Kettingbibliotheek; Kettenbibliothek

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    In Vroege drukken Librije Zutphen Lotte Hellinga presents a guided tour to the unique chained library in the St Walburgiskerk in the ancient town of Zutphen. The book is not only instructive for visitors, but with its rich colour-illustrations a particular treat for armchair travellers.

    It consists of two intermingled parts, distinguished by background colour of the text: a general introduction on the history of the library and of early printing, and a selection of 40 items of special interest, amply illustrated and accompanied by extensive commentaries. The author demonstrates how this ‘medieval’ library should be understood as a monument of northern humanism. Inspired by Erasmus (whose works are well represented) the builders of the Librije wished to return to early Christianity by offering the reading of churchfathers and Bible commentaries in what for them was an historical environment. A monastic library fulfilled their notion of antiquity. The Librije includes also a substantial number of incunabula, especially of legal texts which had belonged to the church’s earlier collection. The author shows that they throw a surprising light on the extension of the book-trade in the early years of printing.


    Early printed books in the Librije
    The invention of printing
    Modern materials: paper and printing ink
    What did early printed books look like?
    Dissemination of printing

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