John B. Freed

The Falkensteins: Losers and Winners in Medieval Bavaria

Freed Falkensteins
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  • John B. Freed
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  • 2023
  • 06.04.2023
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  • Medieval Germany, Medieval Bavaria, Codex Falkensteinensis, family history, family archives, feudalism, agricultural practices, fiefs, vassalage, extinction of lineages, ministerials (Dienstmänner), friendship, German nobility, renders, serfdom, Wittelsbachs

  • The Codex Falkensteinensis ist the oldest extant medieval family archive. Count Sigiboto IV of Falkenstein  commissioned the codex before joining in 1166 Frederick Barbarossa’s fourth Italian expedition and continued it after his return. It contains the earliest family portrait, the only book of conveyances (Traditionsbuch) from a secular lordship, the oldest accounts from the estate of a German lay lord, and the infamous „murder letter.“ It has been used to study agricultural, legal, and family history, but it has never been treated as a whole. Much of the analysis hinges on the placement of entries in the manuscript. The book explains why the Wittelsbachs were able to eliminate their erstwhile peers and consolidate their power.

    John B. Freed is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at Illinois State University. He is the author of The Friars and German Society in the Thirteenth Century (1977); Noble Bondsmen: Ministerial Marriages in the Archdiocese of Salzburg, 1100–1343 (1995); and Frederick Barbarossa: The Prince and the Myth (2016).

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    Chapter One
    The Welf Century                                                        
    Sigiboto of Weyarn, Berengar of Sulzbach, and Henry V
    The Bad Advocate
    The Augustinian Canons
    The Second Crusade
    Frederick Barbarossa
    The Salzburg Schism and the Wittelsbach Accession
    Chapter Two
    The Codex Falkensteinensis
    The Codex in 1166
    The Codex after 1166
    The German Translation
    Pragmatic Literacy
    Chapter Three
    Ancestors: Imagined and Real
    The Staufer and the Welfs
    Babenbergs and Wittelsbachs
    Lineages with Ninth-Century Antecedents
    Andechses, Sulzbachs, and Vohburgs

    Chapter Four
    The Hantgemal
    Dilching, Weyarn, Neuburg, and Aibling
    Hernstein, Grikkingin, and Wolfkerstein
    Hartmannsberg and Antwort
    Chapter Five
    The Patriarch
    Hildegard of Mödling
    Herrand II
    The Wicked Uncle
    Rudolf of Piesting
    Sons and Daughters
    Illegitimate Sons
    Chapter Six
    Lords, Vassals, Friends, and Unfree Retainers
    Fiefs and Vassals Reconsidered
    Unfree Retainers
    Chapter Seven
    The Agricultural Foundation
    The Offices
    The Problem of the Fiefs
    The Income from the Advocacies
    The Renders
    Monetary Payments

    Chapter Eight
    The End of the Dynasty
    Duke Louis I, the Kelheimer
    Otto II
    The Legacy
    Unprinted Sources
    Primary Sources
    Secondary Sources

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